Sale! Iphone + Android Charger / Adapter
Iphone + Android Charger / AdapterIphone + Android Charger / AdapterIphone + Android Charger / AdapterIphone + Android Charger / Adapter

I-Droid Iphone + Android Charger & Adapter

$19.99 $8.99

The I-Droid Charger & Adapter is compatible with both Iphones & Android Phones. The I-Droid has Thick & Reliable cables and components that won't break or scratch, housed in a spinning chasis to expand & retract the cables for optimum portability and convenience when you need them most. If you purchase a SparkSlide Phone Case an I-droid cable will come with it, free of charge!

Shipping takes on average 2 weeks to anywhere in the world.
Pay an additional $10, and we can get all of your crazy cool stuff to you in 1 week.

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