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5 Crazy Cool Halloween Costumes From The Web-Part 2

If you couldn’t get enough of our crazy cool costumes we made a 2nd blog to show you some more. These costumes will take your Halloween from “ehh I hate my life, I look so dumb in this Black Panther looking plastic suit” to “Yeah baby I’m so fresh and lit these cisgender hotties are going to want to know me on a much deeper superficial level.” All of the following are available on The Web, so what are you waiting for? Start fishing.

#1: Black Bear Sleeping Bag

Black Bear Sleeping Bag

Perfect for hiding a cutie inside your costume to keep her/him/it warm and cozy. Also, perfect for those hardcore Halloweeners super committed to always staying in costume, even when going to bed. Just make sure you are not taller than 75 inches, because you will not fit inside. Sorry 80-inch people we did not mean to offend anyone.

#2: Breaking Bad Heisenberg Tee

Breaking Bad Heisenberg Tee

For the people who say, “ya, im too cool to actually go all out on a costume but I still want to fit in and not be a total outsider” this is the perfect costume (I mean t-shirt) for you. Do us a favor and at least get a pork pie hat to go along with the shirt. Walter White would not approve of your lack of creativity but maybe the fangirls will give you a “sweet costume” fist bump to get your ego going.

#3: Sound-Activated Light Up Tie

Sound-Activated Light Up Tie

For the classic office Halloween party goer who doesn’t want his boss to know he is a crazy cool party animal but still get participation points for wearing something that resembles a costume. Go get em’ office pro, go get em!

#4: Fiber Optic LED Shoes

Fiber Optic LED Shoes

Hey Fancy Feet! Talk about accessorize, this is the way to go. Rock the dance floor with these groovy shoes and maybe this will be the accessory that wins you this year’s costume contest. Nobody goes as far as costumizing their shoes, but you are going to be different. Not only will your shoes be a costume but also be lit AF and scream out to the world “hey look at me, I’m the foundation of this costume and I rock!”

#5: Guy Fawkes Mask

Guy Fawkes Mask

Whether you want to join the anonymous hacking group or go to a google Halloween party and say that your costume is an anonymous hacker or just dress like the guy from “V from Vedetta” this is the right costume for you. I do not recommend walking in the open street with this on your face, children will start to cry and police will receive a pedophile alert. So go for it Hacker face and bust into your google hangout wearing this mask.

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