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5 Crazy Cool Halloween Costumes From The Web

This Halloween hide your face behind a mask so you can act like a fool and no one will know. If they ask you who you are just tell them to look the other way and start running. We have compiled a list of the most affordable and best-looking masks/costumes for your beautiful faces to hide behind. All items are conveniently located on The Web.

#1: Drunk Piggy Back Ride Costume

Drunk Piggy Back Ride Costume

Don’t worry about getting trashed this Halloween at least you will have this Bavarian man carrying you home. Plus, the little guy can be a solid wing man. Just make sure you don’t sit down because then your costume will be totally given away.

#2: Horse Head Mask

Horse Head Mask

Sit back and relax because the horse head mask will make you the life of the party. First, you will definitely have the biggest head in your Halloween party, unless that hey Arnold loser joins the party. Second, you could probably make out with at least 2 people (guy or girl depending on your gender preference). Third, if anyone decides to punch you in the face he will most likely miss your actual head because of your large schnozz. Just make sure you comb your hair so you don’t look like a nappy headed horse.

#3: Nerds Dress

Nerds Dress

Ladies get in touch with your sweet side. Rock this dress and glasses that come with and be sure to get lots of bros hollering at your desirable features. If you ever wanted to be a nerd but were too afraid to damage your exterior image and social status, Halloween is the night to do it. All you need is a tight fitting dress and super sexy glasses to show your cute eyes and you’re good to go. Just make sure to shave to armpits before going out…

#4: Ultra Realistic Animal Face Ski Masks

Ultra Realistic Animal Face Ski Masks

Unleash your inner animal this Halloween with this super sleek ski mask. If you think, “hey I thought this was only good for a ski party in Aspen.” You would be wrong, as this mask is banned from Aspen and 25 other ski resorts because resorts were afraid zoo animals were going free on their lifts and learning how to ski. Weather you have a dog fetish, panda or tiger we have the mask for you.

#5: Bubble Wrap Suit

Bubble Wrap Suit

For those of you who have not seen “Dude Where’s My Car,” Please stop reading and go watch the movie immediately. First it has Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott so all you ladies will start to question every guy you ever dated. And it’s an instant classic. Welcome back to all the smart people who went to watch the movie. Now you know why this is the greatest costume on this list. ZOLTAN!!

All of these products and more can be found on crazycoolshit.com