New Years CCS

5 products from The Web that will make this New Year’s Eve a night to remember

First of all, this whole thing about resolutions doesn’t really work. You start the year saying, “I want to lose 20 pounds and start going out to classy bars at least 2 times a week.” Then by the 3rd week of January you find yourself at home on a Saturday night binging Netflix and munching hard on Ben & Jerrys Americone Dream. In my opinion that sounds like a bomb night but you are the one who broke your resolution, so it’s on you buddy. Prepare for a mind-bending solution to this yearly struggle. This year start with a pre-resolution. A pre-resolution is exactly as it sounds, commit to something before the New Year, complete it and party the night away feeling like a champ. Here is the best pre-resolution you can get your hands on at the moment and once it’s done you will thank us at later. Go to and get all 5 of these epic products to use on your NYE!!

#1: Giant Liquor Flask

Giant Liquor Flask

The biggest flask you will ever own. One gallon of cold hard liquor that will keep you hydrated for the entire week of NYE. As long as you have this flask you will never need another bartender again. Sharing is caring so keep up the spirit and pass the flask.

#2: Vape Shot Alcohol Vaporizing Spirit Pump

Vape Shot Alcohol Vaporizing Spirit Pump

Take your vape game to a new level. Ladies this gadget is going to be a huge hit at your sorority NYE party. We know nobody likes downing that nasty Svedka so get out this alcohol pump and smoke away.

#3: LED Balloons

LED Balloons

This party is lit!! Literally light it up with some LED powered balloons and people will be trippin out all night. Perfect for a druggie hallucinogenic NYE trip or frat party drug induced trip. And if you don’t do drugs then this will still trip you out. In fact, this product comes with a trip out guarantee.

#4: Sex Panther Cologne

Sex Panther Cologne

Guys get this on your rock hard bodies before going out this NYE. 60% of the time it will get you the midnight kiss, every time. You have to start the night with a game plan: first you take a shower, then do your hair, then slab on the Sex Panther Cologne, then pregame hit the party and meet the most amazing cisgender person of your life.

#5: Morning Recovery Hangover Cure Drink

Morning Recovery Hangover Cure Drink

Get as trashed as you possibly can NYE, because you know this will be sitting by your bed when you wake up. It will kick you back up better than a wake n bake sesh, even though you know that’s the best part of college. This is actually made from the same ingredients as the water Adam Sandler drank in the movie “Waterboy.” In all seriousness, this is made from all the crazy coolest ingredients sourced from the far corners of the earth. This year wake on January first feeling like a champ! Then blaze it up as much as you want.

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