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5 products from The Web for this year’s Super Bowl Party

Get the boys together for an afternoon of indulging in earthly pleasures. Yes, watch the Super Bowl, enjoy the always mediocre commercials and eat non-stop! Make sure to keep them annoying girlfriends in the outside patio chattering about last week’s Bachlorette episode, while the boys munch on some wings and race to be the first comatosed coach potato. This year make sure to cop some bad items from the web to get that Super Bowl party lit.

#1: Beer Slushie Machine

Beer Slushie Machine

No need to hit up 7-11 this year, just bring that slushie machine to your home. Keep the beer iced up to the limit. Even better, every interception make sure to chug down a cup. That’s a 15-yard penalty for intentional brain freeze.

#2: Bottle Opener Ring

Bottle Opener Ring

Keep it chill bruh, don’t need to worry where the bottle opener went. Just buy one of these for every bro on your coach and everyone will be able to open their own bruskies without crying.

#3: Inferno 1500 Degrees Infrared Grill

Inferno 1500 Degrees Infrared Grill

There is no other option when it comes to grilling for the big game. This will get your steaks ready before the running back can finish 10 yards. If you think that your food won’t be as good, think again. This Inferno will destroy your backyard 5-year-old grill.

#4: Beer Belly Drinking Sack

Beer Belly Drinking Sack

Why should anyone get up for more beer when they can store it on their freakin belly! Keep yourself hydrated all game long. You do not want to be that guy that’s sober in the 2nd half. Eww you’re sober? That’s ridiculous bruh, why would anyone want to be sober?! Especially on Super Bowl day, give me a break your mom raised you better than that.

#5: Coffee Table Drink Cooler

Coffee Table Drink Cooler

Keep that elegant look in the living room to make the Misses happy. All the while you know there is a gallon of madness stored in this ice-cold cooler. Also has sweet hookups for your Bluetooth speakers and gadgets.

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