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6 Products For Christmas Season On The Web

That holly Jolly best time of the year is coming around, ya I don’t feel it either because I’m a materialistic snob and need to buy things to make me happy. You mean you also feel the same way? Don’t worry will make sure this Christmas you will be sitting by the door waiting for the mailman (real Santa Cause) to deliver your holiday saving treats. Here are 6 products you can buy on The Web that will make it to your house even if you are on the naughty list.

#1: Rotisserie Chicken Candy Canes

Rotisserie Chicken Candy Canes

Mmmm girl I love me some chicken! Those peppermint candy canes are a must, but doesn’t hurt to add some flavor this year with some Chicken. Now you don’t need to wait till desert time to eat candy, just pop one of these in your mouth in between bites. And for the super lazy/poor college kids this can be a main course.

#2: Personal Fondue Mugs

Personal Fondue Mugs

The only dessert that can make the grinch happy. Your own Chocolate dipped strawberries in a cup. My mouth is melting on my keyboard right now. So easy to set up, just stick in a tea light bro. And for the fancy high class folks put some cheese in that cup. Or if you are really fancy, just buy a ticket to Switzerland go to Chalet Spillstatt and get a reservation at Le Ingénieux, ask for the Pierre fondue special and wait 35 minutes. When they serve the fondue ask for the house white wine. Then go back to your hotel room and have fun spending the night in the restroom.

#3: The Alpha Snow Shovel

The Alpha Snow Shovel

This bad boy will save your life. The serrated teeth cut through ice and hard pack like no other. Stop wasting your energy with some cheap wallmart shovel. Rake it up with this bro of all shovels and never buy another snow shovel again. Imagine getting back from that epic party only to find your car buried deep in the snow, what shovel do you want by your side in that moment?

#4: Inflatable Pull Out Couch

Inflatable Pull Out Couch

For when the folks come in for the holidays you want them to be comfy. So, give them your bed and sleep on this couch. That’s right! They fed you and changed your dirty diaper for a couple years. The least you could do is give them your bed for 5 days.

#5: The Long Distance Travel Pillow

The Long Distance Travel Pillow

If you want to be a real mench get your old poppy this bad boy. Because you know there is no one who would care less of looking like a complete idiot while sleeping in this bad boy on the airplane. I mean look at that guy in the picture, he looks like he’s trying out for the psycho ward. But, damn what an epic sleep he must be having.

#6: Edible Candy Cane Spoons

Edible Candy Cane Spoons

What’s better than having your spoon and eating it too. That’s a famous saying right? It’s better than freaking sharks with freakin lazer beams attached to their head. Anything candy cane has to be included in Christmas so this is a no brainer. Enjoy your freakin marshmallow hot chocolate with your freakin edible spoon.

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