Family Thanksgiving Party

6 Products on The Web to make your Thanksgiving Party a success!

Let’s face it, every year before Thanksgiving we get all excited with great ideas on how to make this year the best one yet! Then we procrastinate and one week before decide to just do the same thing as last year. Enlighted patriot, fear not! for this year, for thou hath cometh to the right place to spice up this years turkey bash!

Here are 6 products from The Web you will buy in order to make all your aunties and uncles talk about your thanksgiving party on facebook for weeks!

#1: Pumpkin Tap Kit

Pumpkin tap kit

Get all that draft beer into a proper container with this pumpkin tap kit. Who knows why pumpkins magically remind us of fall time maybe it’s because of Halloween or maybe it’s because ‘the man’ said so! Instead of revealing to all of your cousins that you are a cheap ‘son of wallmart shopper who buys only Natty light’ you can buy your cheap beer and hide it in this pumpkin tap! Just tell them you got some fancy draft ipa, They might taste the difference, however by the 4th beer nobody will know.

#2: Beer-Can Chicken Rack & Drip Pan

beer-can chicken rack & Drip Pan

Just cus it says “chicken” doesn’t mean you can’t use it for Turkeys! Get your giant turkey and favorite beverage and stick it on this rack. Grilling has never been easier. Flavor up your bird without having to deal with Aunt Betty’s recipe suggestions this year. She will eat it and like it!

#3: Don’t F*** Up The Table Wood Coasters

Table wood coasters

When the little cousins or drunk adults come inside the house this year to watch some football, whip this out on your mahogany coffee table. We are sick and tired of having to buy new coffee tables just because people can’t handle their ice cooled beverages. And if Aunt Betty has an issue with her kids being exposed to profanity then tell her to keep them outside!

#4: Suit Case Picnic Table

Suit case picnic table

Easy way to add a few spots for the outside bbq. Also, a great place to put Uncle Bob and his odd girlfriend so you do not have to hear him talk about American colonial history for 2 hours. This fine wooden table could be the only way to peacefully stuff your face with turkey and gravy while catching some NFL action.

#5: Three Player Chess

Three player chess

While most of your family plays in the annual Turkey bowl we all know the two nerdy cousins and their friend who don’t know how to run or use their hands other than to pick their nose and use a joystick. This year make everyone happy by bringing out this 3 player chess set. I’m sure Aunt Betty prefers her boys to play this instead of hiding in a dark cave playing fortnite.

#6: Sh*t The Bed Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce

Tell cousin Joey to man up this year by taking out this spicy goodness and spritz it all over his Turkey slices. Just make sure he brings his own bed sheets because it will be a long night for cousin Joey.

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