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The 10 Most Incredible Gifts on The Web! (brought to you by

#10: Tap Strap Bluetooth Enabled Wearable Keyboard & Mouse

Wearable Bluetooth Keyboard

Imagine taking notes in a meeting using one hand, full concentrated on the presentation in front of you – or being able to use a small, wireless keyboard on a quick flight to your next business meeting. This crazy cool wireless keyboard will allow you to make your next presentation in style. You can control slides, que up videos, and control multiple creative tools all with the motion of your hand. Our wireless keyboard is also compatible for games such as League of Legends and Fortnite. So what are you waiting for?

#9: Bracelet Flask

bracelet flask

Sneaking alcohol into any event has never been so easy. This stylish flask bracelet will work the magic for you and make you look good at the same time. Accessorize to your next party with this bracelet hydro flask and you might not remember what you did the night before, but at least you will get a bunch of compliments. With 3oz of fluid, there’s plenty to share. Why not wear more than one?

#8: Inhalable Caffeine

inhalable caffeine

Get an instant energy boost anytime, anywhere, by consuming an inhalable caffeine shot. You simply remove the cap, place it on your lips, and gently inhale to receive a unique blend of 100 mg of caffeine and B Vitamins that’ll keep you sharp and ready for anything.
Plus it won´t stain your teeth.

#7: Global WiFi Hotspot Device

wifi hotspot

Save a bundle on roaming fees while you travel around the world by staying connected using the global WiFi hotspot device. It requires no embedded SIM card, simply switch it on and enjoy surfing the web in over a hundred different countries at discounted rates.

#6: Beer Slushie Machine

beer slush machine

Make your already frosty brew even more refreshing by topping it off using the beer slushie machine. An ideal purchase for the beer enthusiast who has everything, the machine complements your beer with a flavorful layer of thick and creamy frosting of booze. Take your homebrew to the next level bruh.

#5: Automatic Car Umbrella

automatic car umbrella

Keep your vehicle from overheating while it’s parked outside by equipping your ride with the automatic car umbrella. This functional accessory helps keep your car protected from the elements and can be easily deployed using the small keychain remote.

#4: Dango Tactical Wallet

dango tactical wallet

Get more use out of your everyday carry by placing your money and documents inside the Dango tactical wallet. It’s designed to house up to 12 cards and comes with a removable high carbon stainless steel multi-tool with over 14 built-in functions.

#3: SparkSlide Phone Case Plate Lighter & Bottle Opener

sparkslide phone case

Sparkslide is a rechargeable & windproof coil lighter and stainless steel beer bottle opener housed inside of a thick polycarbonate case powered by an extremely high quality polymer lithium ion battery. It is the most reliable & durable coil light phone case on the market. One 2 hour charge lasts on average 1 month. SparkSlide is also the sexiest & most useful phone case that you will ever own. 6 Month Warranty Included. Assembled in the USA.

#2: Vape Shot Alcohol Vaporizing Spirit Pump

alcohol vape shot

How to get wrecked without sipping any liquid. No need to smoke legal stuff when you can smoke the LEEGAL stuff. Get all your friends this one for the next party. Puff puff pass.

#1: Moving Beer Pong Robot

beer pong robot

Take your drinking games from the frat house to the big leagues by upgrading to the moving beer pong robot. This motorized device holds up to 5 plastic red cups and moves all around the table – dramatically increasing the difficulty of the shot.

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